Trip Plan: Rideau Trail 2021

In just over a week I will be heading out to thru hike the 327km Rideau Trail from Kingston to Ottawa. I will be heading out with one of my best friends, Aidan, and we anticipate it taking us 12 to 14 days. Don’t forget to check out the Rideau Trail Association’s website where theyContinue reading “Trip Plan: Rideau Trail 2021”

Pack List: Highland Trail 2021

Next week I will be embarking on my FIRST ever backpacking trip. Okay, that’s not entirely true, I did lead a camp group through 7 days in Frontenac Provincial Park, but this is my first real adult backpacking trip. I booked this trip a couple months ago with the original dates being June 7th toContinue reading “Pack List: Highland Trail 2021”

Budget Backpacking

Have you ever scrolled through MEC or REI or any other outdoorsy store and thought “how will I ever afford to backpack if a lightweight sleeping bag costs 800$?”. Yeah, me too. I am heading out on my first backpacking trip into Algonquin National Park next week and as I was going through all theContinue reading “Budget Backpacking”

Wilket Creek, The Ridge, and Lower Don Trail. A 21KM Sunday Hike

Helloo!! Its been about two weeks since I have had the inspiration to write about something. Its definitely hard to maintain a blog about hiking and backpacking when miss rona will only let you hike so far! This past Sunday, on May 30th, I hiked 21KM from the Edward Gardens, down Wilket Creek Trail, throughContinue reading “Wilket Creek, The Ridge, and Lower Don Trail. A 21KM Sunday Hike”

Rouge Conservation Area Hiking

I am a liar… In my last blog post, I said I would be trying a new trail every weekend in May without a car! While I did try a new trail this past weekend, I am a big fat liar who dragged their friends along so they ended up driving. In my defense whenContinue reading “Rouge Conservation Area Hiking”

$35 Ultralight Sleeping Pad?????

Lets get one thing straight…. ya girl is broke!! So I have been looking a budget gear options for the past little while and the main factors I have been looking at are weight, reviews, and warmth. I found the Hikenture Ultralight Sleeping Pad on Amazon for $45.99CAD with an $8 coupon making it $37.99.Continue reading “$35 Ultralight Sleeping Pad?????”

I finally did it…

I finally started that blog I have been wanting to start for years. So… here I am. My name is Katherine (Kat), my pronouns are She/They and I love the outdoors. For years I have been saying that I am going to start a hiking YouTube, or a hiking blog, or a hiking Instagram andContinue reading “I finally did it…”